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Soil Laboratory Testing

Soil laboratory testing  is an integral part of our geotechnical engineering research phrase as it provide soil and rock properties needed to perform geotechnical analyses and develop geotechnical models

We operate an advanced soil strength test using a Triaxial test in our laboratory in Singapore.


The advantages of the Triaxial test over other test methods used in the geotechnical laboratory used to determine shear strength (such as direct shear) is that specimen drainage can be controlled and pore pressure can be measured. The triaxial test enables parameters such as cohesion (c’), internal angle of friction (φ’) and shear strength to be determined.

The triaxial test can also be used to determine other variables such as stiffness and permeability with it.


Soil Testing Services

  • Classification Tests

  • Determination of consolidation properties

  • Permeability Tests using a triaxial cell

  • Shear Strength Tests

  • Electrical Resistivity Test (Wenner probe method)

  • Soil Thermal Resistivity Measurement

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