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GeoPro Group provides a range of Earth retaining system to suit your budget, size and environmental constraints and aesthetic requirements.

GeoBarrier System

GeoBarrier System is a environmentally friendly slope stabilization and earth retention system that comes with enhanced greenery. This system addresses rainfall induced slope failure which is a common occurrence in tropical climate countries such as Singapore. 

The GeoBarrier System comprises of 3 main layers – an exposed vegetative layer using approved soil mix (ASM), fine-grained layer, and coarse-grained layer .


The fine- and coarse-grained layer has distinct hydraulic properties that creates a “barrier effect”, allowing the rainwater to be diverted away while keeping the slope at high stability. This reduces risk of flooding in urban environments which is also increasingly becoming a problem due to climate change.

Below are the key projects we did for the GeoBarrier System.

HDB project - GeoBarrier System for Northshore residence

Cheng Soon project - GeoBarrier System for private residence

Earth Retaining structure for Deep Excavation

GeoPro Group provides structural support to construction site in the early phase of construction which is the excavation stage.

Deep Excavation Works at Bartley Road East

Earth Retaining System

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