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Silt Curtain

Pollution prevention of the waterway by silt and disturbed sediment




Silt Curtain

The Silt curtain is the assembly of floats and curtain screens that hangs from water surface. The curtain screens are made of high strength woven polyester geotextile that offers excellent water permeability whilst confining debris within the silt curtain barrier. The silt curtains are stabilized with a floatation system containing a Polystyrene Styrofoam cylinder covered with UV treated Polypropene Woven Geotextile as a shield to extreme weather conditions.

Standard Size - 20m


Customizable - We also provide it in 5m length, so that it may be more cost efficient for your project.

Tensile Strength of 45 kN /m

Contact us for more specification


Geotube Silt Curtain

Geotube Silt Curtain systems is an effective solution for turbidity control as it can be custom designed to project requirements, easily deployable while preventing or confining sediment pollution thereby creating a safe and clean environment. 

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