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The core of the GeoBarrier System, the GeoBags are sewn from specialized geotextile material to create a rectangular shaped bag which are then filled with the various fill materials required





The 2 types GeoBags are approved soil mix bags and the fine grains bags. GeoBags which is made from Geotextile fabric that has a high tensile strength and is highly permeable, are filled with approved soil mix, fine grains or recycled concrete aggregates that has distinct hydraulic properties that creates a “barrier effect”, allowing the rainwater to be diverted away while keeping the slope at high stability.


ASM  small - 0.5m L x 0.6m W x 0.5m H

Tensile Strength ≥ 50 kN/m

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Puncture Strength ≥ 5.0 kN 

Pore Size (O90) ≤ 600 μm

Water Permeability ≥ 0.2 m3/s per m2


There are two types of GeoBags -  the Approved Soil Mix (ASM) bags, and the Fine grain bags (FG)

ASM standard - 1.0m L x 0.5m W x 0.5m H

ASM standard - 1.0m L x 0.6m W x 0.5m H

Structured ASM - 0.5m L x 0.6m W x 0.6m H

FG standard - 1.0m L x 0.5m W x 0.5m H

FG small - 0.5m L x 0.7m W x 0.5m H

Please note that the above Geobags are not restricted to the dimensions and can be customized according to your needs.

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