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Dam Good

Dam Good does not need any permanent fittings to the property and does not require pre-drilling of the door frame, lowering operational cost and easy to install making it one of the most adaptable system to use




Dam Good

A jacking mechanism attached to the rear of the frame allows both the frame and cover to expand telescopically widthways into the walled area immediately without the need of any permanent fittings to the property making it ideal convenient Flood preventive tool.

Standard -  77.0cm – 89.0cm, 15.0Kg (approx)

Regular -  89.0cm – 97.5cm, 16.0Kg (approx)

Medium -  97.5cm – 113.0cm, 16.5Kg (approx)

Large -  119.5cm – 136.0cm, 18.0Kg (approx)

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